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"Traveling from a troubled past, towards a prosperous future"

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Above: President & CEO Delvyn Crawford

We're truly honored to know that you've taken time out of your schedule to find out more about our company.  Author, Fatherhood Specialist, Rapper/Poet, and President Delvyn Crawford, founded Gutter Enterprises LLC in 2008.  "One day I got up out of bed, and Gutter Enterprises came to mind."  "I felt like God had placed it on my heart, therefore I created a company using the business name Gutter Enterprises."  "At first, I was a little skeptical, due to the perceived connotation to the name."  "After tracing back my past, and realizing where the Lord brought me from, it became evident that Gutter represented who I was, and what I became," says Delvyn. 

Gutter plans to introduce a positive and inspirational dose of entertainment into the community.  This site was created for the sole purpose of enlightening our viewers, in addition to notifying our followers of upcoming events, music releases, our latest news, and so forth.

Gutter Enterprises believes in promoting the practice of healthy living, and professionalism.  Our motive is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our gifts, and bring the message of "HOPE" to all.  So feel free to enjoy music that has a "PURPOSE", blogs that "INSPIRE", and news that "ENCOURAGES". 

 "Be Thankful" by Delvyn